Team 5

Günter + Ulla

Our names are Ulla and Gunter, living in the middle of Germany. We take parts on this tour, because it was an old dream of mine and of course we are great Borgward lovers. 

Our car is an Isabella Combi, Model 57, name Moreno, after the former trading place Moreno valley near Los Angeles, where it was sold back to Germany.

The car is fitted with a 75 horsepower engine and a large sunroof.

Color: silvergrey or in terms of Borgward, fishsilver.

It is completely restored and on the road since 2010. The car is checked by Henry and Patrick Preneux for the tour and we want so say thank you for the good job. Our expectation for this tour is: to have a good time, fun with people and enjoy one of our adventures in our lifetime.

Greetings Ulla and Gunter