Das Orgateam

John (United Kingdom), Thilo (Germany), Cris (Belgium), happy to be at the Pacific Coast!

Cris - Le chef

thilo - the tireman

Als Teil der Reisegruppe (Team 13) kümmere ich mich für die Teilnehmer um die Organisation der Verschiffung unserer Fahrzeuge. Ferner begleite ich den gesamten Roadtrip in diesem Reiseblog. Viel wichtiger sind die beiden, die diese Reise erfunden und geplant haben: John und Cris. Die beiden stellen sich im Folgenden weiter vor.


Während der Reise erhielt ich den Namen: "tireman". Mit insgesamt 3 platten Reifen gehen fast 50 % dieser Kategorie auf unser Auto.

John - the specialist

Normally, cars and engines are his profession!

the founder of this tour








John und Cris sind die Erfinder des Borgward Route 66 Roadtrip. 

Our Tour operator

Bob and I are on the Borgward tour from scenic & continental car tours, proud to have been tasked with providing the hotel and flight arrangements for the entire tour. 

With so much hard work and discussions with Cris, John and Thilo, we wanted to join the group for as long as we could, and am currently writing this report from the beautiful Niagara Falls (pictures enclosed), as we make our way to Westlake, then to Chicago where we will be sad to leave the tour. We are very jealous of the rest of the group driving onward to LA, and we know they will have a beautiful drive in their beautiful cars. 


Passage written by Kieran line - scenic car tours 



Our film-maker

Jessie Calhoun, our filmmaker and photographer. Jessie is from New York and started with us in Newark. Before that, she also joined us for the unloading process at the habour of Newark. She is travelling with us upto Los Angeles. 


Thanks Jessie for this great support!